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“The easy-to-use lessons, complete with standards and objectives, make it an invaluable tool for educators. The fun, interactive and engaging lessons make Lesson Zest a favorite for students. If you need to enhance your lessons give Lesson Zest a try!”


Feature Article: A Fresh Twist on Lesson Planning

National AfterSchool Association

Lesson Zest is a great resource for our After School Enrichment Program! The lessons and activities from the site are easily adaptable to our weekly themes. This site is user-friendly, which makes our job easier when planning activities for our students.


Julie - Elementary District-Wide, After School Enrichment Coordinator

I really love the layout of Lesson Zest! It was really easy to navigate and find lessons that are perfect for my group.

Nate - Camp Counselor

My daughter loves the activities she does at her afterschool program. She comes home with the coolest projects and tells me all about what she learned.

Jen - Parent of Afterschool Program Student

We love Lesson Zest! Lesson Zest activities are the perfect compliment to our unschooling approach. The activities are so fun and therefore educational. I highly recommend!

Gale - Unschool Parent

Lesson Zest is a great resource! It’s visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Ann - Homeschool Parent

Lesson Zest saves me so much time and makes my job so much easier!

Kate - Afterschool Program Coordinator

I am so happy to have found LessonZest. The website is easy to navigate, full of great activities and the search filters allow you to quickly find the topic or activity type you are looking for, saving valuable time!

Derek - Parent