What is LessonZest?

Lesson Zest offers online activity plans for K-8 kids. Our activities are used by afterschool programs, summer / day camps, home schools, and families. We have hundreds of lesson plans and dozens of themes, all accessible entirely online. The plans include instructions, photos, videos, material lists, cost and difficult ratings, and more.

Why should I use LessonZest?

  1. LessonZest will save you precious time! We have everything you need in one place! Gone are the days of searching many different Web sites and books to try and create your own activity plans.
  2. Our lessons are written by industry professionals with master’s degrees in education and curriculum design, as well as real-world experience in running out-of-school programs.
  3. No advertising! Our site is free from advertising so the site is quick, clean, and easy to navigate. No need to click multiple pages for 1 lesson.
  4. Our activities are for KIDS, which means kids can achieve them. Adult assistance is needed in many cases, but the majority of the lesson is completed by the kids. In other words, it’s not the adult doing the lesson while the child watches.
  5. We test our lessons. If a lesson doesn’t work well, we don’t include it on our site.

Who uses LessonZest?

Our lessons are perfect for afterschool programs, summer and day camps, and home school groups. Play groups, church groups, and even party planners can use our lessons as well.

How does LessonZest work?

To use our lessons, you simply need to review the lesson plan online (computer, tablet, or smartphone), prepare the materials, and then have fun learning with the kids.

Do I need special training to use LessonZest?

No. Lessons can be implemented by any adult.


What is available through a LessonZest subscription?

Once subscribed, you will receive access to all of our lessons, with new ones added each month!

Do I need a credit card to create a free trial account?

No. You can sign up for 10 free lessons. No credit card required.  Click here to learn more.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! Please contact us here and we’ll provide instructions.

What is the age group for your lessons?

Our lessons are designed for K-8 kids, but anyone who wants to have fun and learn will enjoy the activities. You can search lesson by difficulty level.

Where do we get the materials?

We provide Amazon links to the materials. These links are not affiliate links (in other words, we do not make money when you purchase via these links). These links are included so you can SEE the product. If you do purchase through Amazon, please be aware of the quantities, as the quantities on our links might not be appropriate for you. Also, the links do not necessarily represent the cheapest prices. You may want to consider searching Amazon for even cheaper prices or purchasing items locally (we have lots of luck with dollar stores).

How do the difficult ratings work?

Low Difficulty (1 star) = any child age 5 to 14 can complete the lesson without help from an adult.

Medium Difficulty (2 stars) = children ages 5 to 8 may need assistance from an adult or older child; children ages 9 to 14 can complete the lesson without help from an adult.

High Difficulty (3 stars) = children ages 5 to 8 will need assistance from an adult or older child; children ages 9 to 14 may need assistance from an adult.

How do the cost ratings work?

Our costs ratings are very general. This is due to the fact that some people buy in bulk and some buy in small quantities. This guide will give you a general idea:

Low Cost (1 star) = less than $.50 per project

Medium Cost (2 stars) =  $.50 – $1.00 per project

High Cost (3 stars) = more than $1.00 per project

Can I request or suggest a topic?

Absolutely! We love hearing your ideas. Please email us at info@lessonzest.com.

How do I cancel my account?

Simply send a cancellation request to info@lessonzest.com. Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Can we add our own comments or ratings?

We are working on adding this feature very soon! In the meantime, if you have any feedback, please email us at info@lessonzest.com.

We have tested every lesson, but if you have a negative experience with one please let us know. We will either adjust the lesson accordingly or delete it. We do not want to provide any lessons that don’t succeed for you and your kids.