After-School Programs

Lesson Zest is perfect for after-school programs! Our hundreds of activities save counselors and teachers countless hours of lesson planning. Plus, parents are happy because their kids are learning and kids are happy because they are having fun. Win / Win / Win!

Sample Daily Schedule (2 weeks, M-F):

3:30-4:00: Snack and Homework Help
4:00-4:45: Lesson Zest Lesson
4:45-6:00: Free Time

Summer and Day Camps

“Under the Sea” camp? “Toy Factory” camp? “Olympic Gold” camp? Yes, please! Make your camps the place to be during summer and holiday breaks with our awesome themes and fun activities.

Sample Daily Schedule (1 week, M-F):

8:00: Check-In / Free Time
9:00: Morning Meeting with Campers
9:30: LZ Lesson #1
10:30: Outdoor Activities and Games
11:30: Lunch
12:30: LZ Lesson #2
1:30: Outdoor Activities and Games
4:00: Free Time


Our lessons are the perfect compliment to your homeschool units. You don't have to spend hours online trying to find activities for your students- they're all here in one place!


What are we going to do with the kids all weekend? Our lessons are the perfect boredom-busters for families! Parents and kids alike have fun... and learn, too!